Giacomo Carissimi

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Alias: Jacomo Carissimi


Born: baptized 18 April 1605, Marino

Died: 12 January 1674, Rome

Biography A crucial figure in the history of the oratorio, Carissimi enjoyed a grand reputation among his contemporaries and taught among others Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Johann Caspar Kerll and Christoph Bernhard. From around 1628 till his death he was associated with Rome's Collegio Germanico, whose library's dispersal has made authentication of a huge number of attributed works in mss. problematic.

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List of choral works

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  • Missa a quinque et a novem cum selectis quibusdam cantionibus (Cologne, 1666)
  • Arion Romanus sive Liber primus sacrarum cantionum, 1–5vv (Konstanz, 1670)
  • Sacri concerti musicali, 2–5vv (Rome, 1675)

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