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Born: 12 August 1974

Born in Heidelberg, South Africa, George F de Bruin grew up in a house where music was part of everyday life. He was, however, not allowed to study music, as this was not perceived to be a "manly enough" career for a young South African man. In his primary school years, he got hold of a music manual and slowly started teaching himself the basics of music, as well as to sight-read. Things really started to come together at University, where he had his first contact with a piano. In fact, he regularly sneaked into the piano rooms of the Music Department where he experimented for hours with different chords and figured out how scales work.

Choral singing has been part of his life since secondary school, and today he sings for the Palissander Chamber Choir, one of South Africa's premier chamber choirs. He often gets the opportunity to arrange music for the choir.

The Kyrie for Double Choir is his first major composition.

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