Gaude visceribus

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General information

Office hymn for the Nativity of the BVM.

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Gaude visceribus mater in intimis.
felix ecclesiae quae sacra replicas.
sanctae festa mariae.
plaudent astra solum mare.

Cuius magnifica est generatio.
cuius vita sacris claruit actibus
cuius finis honorem.
summum sine tenet fine.

Quae virgo peperit virgoque permanet
lactavit propriis uberibus deum
portantemque gerebat.
ulnis prona trementibus.

Felix multiplici laude puerpera.
regis porta sui clausa perenniter.
mundi stella fluentis.
floris virgula regia.

Te nunc suppliciter sancta theotocos
regis perpetui sponsaque poscimus
ut nos semper ubique.
miti munere protegas.

Sanctis obtineas virgo precatibus
pacis praesidium dulce diutine.
nobis atque beati.
regni dona perennia.

Praesta summe pater patris ac unice.
amborumque simul spiritus annue.
qui regnas deus unus.
omni tempore saeculi.

English.png English translation

Rejoice in your heart of hearts,
O fortunate Mother Church, that repeats
the sacred feast of the blessed Mary;
stars and sea applaud.

Her begetting is magnificent,
her life renowned for its sacred deeds,
her death is honoured
most highly for ever.

She gave birth as a virgin and remains a virgin;
with her own breasts she suckled God
and in her trembling arms
she easily carried the one who carries.

Fortunate birthgiving mother praised in manifold ways,
door of her King now forever closed,
star of the flowing world,
Flower from a royal branch!

To thee we now humbly pray, O blessed mother of God
and bride of the perpetual King,
that you may always and everywhere
protect us with your gentle gifts,

and with your sacred prayers, O Virgin,
may we obtain the sweet protection of peace
and to us who are blessed,
the gifts of the eternal kingdom.

Vouchsafe us this, o highest Father and the Father’s only Son,
and give your approval, O Spirit of Both,
who reign as One God
throughout all eternity.

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