Gallus Dreßler

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Aliases: Gallus Dresslerus Nebraeus; Gallus Dressler; Gallus Dresler


Born: 16 October 1533 in Nebra

Died: ca. 1585 in Zerbst

Biography: Kantor of the church school at Magdeburg (1556–1574), Deacon at St. Nicholas Church in Zerbst

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List of choral works

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  • Aliquot psalmi latini et germanici, Magdeburg 1560 (Set of manuscript part books)
  • Practica modorum explicatio, Jena 1561
  • 10 deudscher Psalmen, Jena 1562
  • Praecepta musicae poeticae, 1563
  • XVII Cantiones sacrae, 4 et 5 vocum, Wittenberg 1565
  • XVIII Cantiones sacrae, 4 et plurium vocum, Magdeburg 1567
  • XIX Cantiones sacrae, 4 et 5 vocum, Magdeburg 1569
  • XVI Geseng mit 4 und mehr Stimmen, Magdeburg 1570
  • XC Cantiones 4, 5 et plurium vocum, Magdeburg 1570 (Anthology of previously published German and Latin works, with some additions)
  • Magnificat octo tonorum…, Magdeburg 1571
  • Musicae practicae elementa, Magdeburg 1571
  • Elementa musicae practicae in usum scholae Magdeburgensis, Magdeburg 1571, 1584
  • Opus selectissimum sacrarum cantionum, 4, 5 et plurium vocum, Nuremberg 1574 (Mostly follows XC Cantiones 1570, minus the German works. Reprints 1577, 1585)
  • Außerlesene teutsche Lieder, 4-5vv, gantz lieblich zu singen, vnd auff allerley Instrument zugebrauchen (Mostly reprinted works from earlier collections. Nuremberg 1575, 1580)

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