Joseph Haydn

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Joseph Haydn
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Born: 31 March 1732

Died: 31 May 1809


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List of vocal works

  • Aus des Ramlers Lyrischer Blumenlese (13 partsongs)
  1. Der Augenblick Hob. XXVc:1
  2. Wider den Übermut, Hob. XXVc:7
  3. An den Vetter Hob. XXVb:1
  4. Die Harmonie in der Ehe Hob. XXVc:2
  5. Die Beredsamkeit Hob. XXVc:4
  6. Daphnens Einziger Fehler Hob. XXVb:2
  7. Betrachtung des Todes Hob. XXVb:3
  8. An die Frauen Hob. XXVb:4
  9. Die Warnung Hob. XXVc:6
  10. Aus dem Danklied zu Gott, Hob. XXVc:8
  11. Alles hat seine Zeit Hob. XXVc:3
  12. Der Greis Hob. XXVc:5
  13. Abendlied zu Gott Hob. XXVc:9
  1. Missa brevis in F major, Hob.XXII:1
  2. Missa brevis in D minor, Hob.XXII:2 (Sunt bona mixta malis)
  3. Missa brevis in G major, Hob.XXII:3 ( Rorate cœli desuper)
  4. Große Orgelmesse (Missa in honorem Beatissimæ Virginis Mariæ), Mass No. 4 in Eb Major
  5. Missa Cellensis in honorem BVM, (Mass No. 5) Cäcilienmesse or 1st Missa Cellensis
  6. Missa Sancti Nicolai (Mass no. 6 in G Major)
  7. Kleine Orgelmesse (Mass no. 7 in B-flat Major) (Missa brevis Sancti Joanni de Deo)
  8. Mariazellermesse (2nd Missa Cellensis), Mass No. 8 in C Major (Pf-vo on
  9. Paukenmesse (Mass no. 9 in C Major) (Missa Sancti Bernardi von Offida)
  10. Heiligmesse (Mass no. 10 in Bb Major)
  11. Lord Nelson Mass (Mass no. 11 in D minor) (Missa in angustiis)
  12. Theresienmesse (Mass no. 12 in Bb Major)
  13. Schöpfungsmesse (Mass no. 13 in Bb Major) 'Creation Mass'
  14. Harmoniemesse (Mass no. 14 in Bb Major)

Other works not listed above (See Template:CheckMissing for possible reasons and solutions)

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