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Born: 22 May 1874, Castrogiovanni (Enna)

Died: 31 July 1932, Intra, Lago Maggiore


His father Giuseppe Neglia was a violinist and maestro di Cappella at the Cathedral of Enna, and it was him who gave Francesco Paolo his first lessons of violin, piano, trombone and composition.

In 1893, feeling the need to improve his composition skills, he decided to move to Palermo to study composition at the Conservatorio "V. Bellini". While studying there he composed Inno a S. Anna, Intermezzo breve, Parata d'eroi. In 1900 he received his diploma in violin, trombone and composition.

In 1901 he married a German girl and they moved to Milan, where he composed his Sinfonia n.1 in re minore and an Ave Maria dedicated to his wife. Soon after, they moved to Hamburg (Germany) where they lived for 14 years. In 1912 he composed the Sinfonia n.2 and in 1913 the Suite sinfonica Tre quadri di vita veneziana. During the period in Germany he founded the first conservatory in Hamburg, the Neglia Conservatorium, which received 500 students per year.

With the beginning of WWI they had to return to Italy, where he was treated as a German spy for some time. He finally found a job at Caltanissetta as orchestra director, but it wasn't what he was expecting. He moved once more, this time to Legnano, where he founded the Liceo Musicale "G. Verdi" and dedicated to teaching.

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