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Aliases: François Salé (Sale; Salec; Sales; Saletz)


Born: ca. 1540?

Died: 15 July 1599


The son of "Hans Saletz von Namur", Sales was an unsuccessful candidate 1579 and 1580 to obtain an appointment at the court chapel in Stuttgart in 1579 before serving at the courts of Hechingen, Munich and Innsbruck, where he remained 1580-1587. From 1587 to 1591 he held the post of Kapellmeister at the collegiate foundation for ladies of noble families at Hall in Tirol. From 1 May 1591 until his death he was a tenor in the imperial court of Rudolf II at Prague under Philippe de Monte.

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List of choral works

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  • Missarum solenniorum … primus tomus, 5, 6vv (Munich, 1589)
  • Sacrarum cantionum … liber primus, 5, 6vv (Prague, 1593)
  • Tripartiti operis officiorum missalium, quibus introitus, alleluia et communiones (Prague, book 2 1594, book 3 1596; book 1 seems to survive in a reprint, 1596)
  • in natalem … mutetum, ‘Exultandi tempus est’ et missa ad eius imitationem composita, 5vv (Munich, 1598)
  • Dialogismus de amore Christi sponsi erga ecclesiam sponsam, 8vv (Prague, 1598)
  • Oratio ad SS B.V. Mariam, Wenceslaum, Adalbertum, 6vv (Prague, 1598)
  • Canzonette, Vilanelle, neapolitane per cantar'et sonare con il liuto et altri simili istromenti, a 3 (Prague, 1598)

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