Ecce Dominus veniet

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General information

Communion for Friday in 3rd week of Advent.
Source of text: Zechariah 14:5

Setting by composers

Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Ecce Dominus veniet et omnes sancti ejus cum eo et erit in die illa lux magna, alleluia.

Variant 1
Et exibit de Jerusalem sicut aqua munda.
Et regnabit Dominus in aeternum super omnes gentes.

Spanish.png Spanish translation

He aquí que el Señor vendrá y todos sus santos con Él. Y habrá aquel día una gran luz. Aleluya.
Translation by Alejandro Borrego Pérez

English.png English translation

Behold, the Lord comes and all his saints with him and on that day there will be great light, alleluia.

Variant 1
And shall go out from Jerusalem, like pure water.
And the Lord shall reign for ever over all the nations.

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