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D-ERu 473-2 is a manuscript now housed at the Universitätsbibliothek, Erlangen, Germany, copied largely from the prints Dietrich: Novum opus musicum (Wittenberg, 1544), RISM D3018, and Resinarius: Responsoriorum numero octoginta de tempore (Wittenberg, 1543). It is one of a set of four (originally at least seven) choirbooks copied at Heilsbronn Abbey between 1538 and 1548 by Johannes Härtung. The repertory is of a Lutheran character and thus reflects the sympathetic attitude towards the Reformation at the monastery. The manuscript came to Erlangen in the eighteenth century.

Publication date and place: 1548 in Heilsbronn. – Manuscript
Compiler: Johannes Härtung

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Contents of D-ERu 473-2 are sorted initially by the order in which they appear in the collection. The table is sortable, by clicking the icon at the top of each column.

No. Folio Title Composer Parts Notes
1 1v-7 A solis ortus cardine Resinarius, BalthasarBalthasar Resinarius 4 Even verses. "De nativitate Christi. Hymnus"
2 7v-13 Judaea et Jerusalem Resinarius, BalthasarBalthasar Resinarius 4
3 13v-19 Veni redemptor gentium Stahel, JohannJohann Stahel 4
4 19v-25 Non ex virili semine Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich 4 Verses from Veni redemptor gentium
5 25v-34 Verbum caro factum est Resinarius, BalthasarBalthasar Resinarius 4
6 34v-38 A solis ortus cardine Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich 4
7 38v-42 Ibant magi quam viderant Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich 4
8 42v-49 Gaude Maria Virgo Resinarius, BalthasarBalthasar Resinarius 4
9 49v-52 Quod chorus vatum Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich 4
10 52v-57 Gloria, laus, et honor Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich 7
11 57v-60 Salve festa dies Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich 4
12 60v-63 Vita sanctorum/Christ ist erstanden Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich 4
13 63v-69 Ad caenam agni providi Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich 4
14 69v-74 Ite in orbem Resinarius, BalthasarBalthasar Resinarius 4
15 74v-82 Conscendit jubilans Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich 4
16 82v-88 Apparuerunt apostolis Resinarius, BalthasarBalthasar Resinarius 4 Even verses
17 88v-92 Veni creator Spiritus Crecquillon, ThomasThomas Crecquillon 5
18 92v-96 Accende lumen sensibus Crecquillon, ThomasThomas Crecquillon 5 The final verse of the preceding hymn
19 96v-103 Summae trinitati simplici Deo Resinarius, BalthasarBalthasar Resinarius 4
20 103v-106 O lux beata trinitas Crecquillon, ThomasThomas Crecquillon 5
21 106v-110 Te mane laudum carmine Crecquillon, ThomasThomas Crecquillon 5 The final verse of the preceding hymn
22 110v-116 Inter natos mulierum Resinarius, BalthasarBalthasar Resinarius 4 Even verses, starting with "Qui viam Domino"
23 116v-119 Nuntius celso Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich 4
24 119v-125 Petre, amas me? Resinarius, BalthasarBalthasar Resinarius 4
25 125v-129 Exultet coelum Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich 4
26 129v-135 Exurgens autem Maria Resinarius, BalthasarBalthasar Resinarius 4
27 135v-138 Salutat mater domini Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich 4 Fourth verse of the Visitation hymn, "En miranda prodigia"
28 138v-144 Accessit ad pedes Iesu peccatrix Mahu, StephanStephan Mahu 4
29 144v-147 Jesu Christe auctor vitae Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich 4
30 147v-151 Levita Laurentius - Et thesauros ecclesiae Resinarius, BalthasarBalthasar Resinarius 4
31 151v-154 Martyris Christi Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich 4
32 154v-159 Te sanctum Dominum Resinarius, BalthasarBalthasar Resinarius 6
33 159v-161 Christe sanctorum Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich 4
34 161v-165 Martinus Abrahae sinu laetus Resinarius, BalthasarBalthasar Resinarius 4
35 165v-168 Qui pace Christe affluens Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich 4 Second verse of hymn "Martinus confessor Dei"
36 168v-175 Cives sanctorum Resinarius, BalthasarBalthasar Resinarius 4 "Hymnum quere s. folio. 125" - indication to sing Exultet coelum (Sixt Dietrich) following this motet
37 175v-181 Iste sunt sancti Resinarius, BalthasarBalthasar Resinarius 4
38 181v-184 Rex gloriose martyrum Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich 4 First verse, folio 184 missing
39 184v-186 Aurem benignam protinus Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich 4 Third verse of Rex gloriose
40 186v-193 Justum deduxit Dominus Resinarius, BalthasarBalthasar Resinarius 4
41 193v-196 Iste confessor Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich 4
42 196v-199 Qui pius prudens Dietrich, SixtSixt Dietrich 4 The last verse of the preceding hymn
43 200v-223 Magnificat Primi Toni 'Anima mea' De Morales, CristóbalCristóbal de Morales 4 Odd-numbered verses
44 200v-223 Magnificat Primi Toni 'Et exultavit' De Morales, CristóbalCristóbal de Morales 4 Even-numbered verses
45 223v-235 Magnificat primi toni Senfl, LudwigLudwig Senfl 4
46 235v-246 Magnificat secundii toni Senfl, LudwigLudwig Senfl 4
47 246v-259 Magnificat tertii toni Senfl, LudwigLudwig Senfl 4
48 259v-272 Magnificat quarti toni Senfl, LudwigLudwig Senfl 4
49 272v-283 Magnificat quinti toni Senfl, LudwigLudwig Senfl 5
50 283v-295 Magnificat sexti toni Senfl, LudwigLudwig Senfl 4
51 295v-307 Magnificat septimi toni Senfl, LudwigLudwig Senfl 5
52 307v-319 Magnificat octavi toni Senfl, LudwigLudwig Senfl 4

Works at CPDL

Title Composer No. Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
A solis ortus cardine Balthasar Resinarius 1 Sacred Office hymns 4 SATB
A solis ortus cardine Sixt Dietrich 6 Sacred Office hymns 4 SATB
Accessit ad pedes Iesu peccatrix Stephan Mahu 28 Sacred Responsories 4 SATB
Ad caenam agni providi Sixt Dietrich 13 Sacred Motets 4 SATB
Apparuerunt apostolis Balthasar Resinarius 16 Sacred Responsories 4 SATB
Christe sanctorum Sixt Dietrich 33 Sacred Hymns 4 ATTB
Cives sanctorum Balthasar Resinarius 36 Sacred Responsories 4 ATTB
Conscendit jubilans Sixt Dietrich 15 Sacred Motets 4 SATB
Exultet coelum Sixt Dietrich 25 Sacred Hymns 4 ATTB
Exurgens autem Maria Balthasar Resinarius 26 Sacred Antiphons 4 STTB
Gaude Maria Virgo Balthasar Resinarius 8 Sacred Motets 4 SATB
Gloria, laus, et honor Sixt Dietrich 10 Sacred Motets 7 SSSSATB
Ibant magi quam viderant Sixt Dietrich 7 Sacred Motets 4 SATB
Inter natos mulierum Balthasar Resinarius 22 Sacred Antiphons 4 SATB
Iste confessor Sixt Dietrich 41-42 Sacred Hymns 4 ATBB
Isti sunt sancti Balthasar Resinarius 37 Sacred Antiphons 4 ATBB
Ite in orbem Balthasar Resinarius 14 Sacred Motets 4 ATBB
Jesu Christe auctor vitae Sixt Dietrich 29 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
Judaea et Jerusalem Balthasar Resinarius 2 Sacred Motets 4 SATB
Justum deduxit Dominus Balthasar Resinarius 40 Sacred Responsories 4 ATTB
Levita Laurentius - Et thesauros ecclesiae Balthasar Resinarius 30 Sacred Antiphons 4 ATTB
Magnificat Primi Toni 'Anima mea' Cristóbal de Morales 43 Sacred Evening Canticles 4 SATB
Magnificat Primi Toni 'Et exultavit' Cristóbal de Morales 44 Sacred Evening Canticles 4 SATB
Magnificat octavi toni Ludwig Senfl 52 Sacred Evening Canticles 4 SATB
Magnificat primi toni Ludwig Senfl 45 Sacred Evening Canticles 4 SATB
Magnificat quarti toni Ludwig Senfl 48 Sacred Motets 4 SATB
Magnificat quinti toni Ludwig Senfl 49 Sacred Evening Canticles 5 STTBB
Magnificat secundii toni Ludwig Senfl 46 Sacred Motets 4 SATB
Magnificat septimi toni Ludwig Senfl 51 Sacred Evening Canticles 5 SATB, SSATB, SATTB
Magnificat sexti toni Ludwig Senfl 50 Sacred Evening Canticles 4 SATB
Magnificat tertii toni Ludwig Senfl 47 Sacred Motets 4 SATB
Martinus Abrahae sinu laetus Balthasar Resinarius 34 Sacred Antiphons 4 ATBB
Martyris Christi Sixt Dietrich 31 Sacred Hymns 4 ATBB
Non ex virili semine Sixt Dietrich 4 Sacred Motets 4 SATB
Nuntius celso Sixt Dietrich 23 Sacred Office hymns 4 ATTB
O lux beata trinitas Thomas Crecquillon 20-21 Sacred Office hymns 5 SATTB
Petre, amas me? Balthasar Resinarius 24 Sacred Motets 4 ATBB
Qui pace Christe affluens Sixt Dietrich 35 Sacred Hymns 4 ATTB
Quod chorus vatum Sixt Dietrich 9 Sacred Motets 4 SATB
Rex gloriose martyrum Sixt Dietrich 38-39 Sacred Hymns 4 ATBB
Salutat mater domini Sixt Dietrich 27 Sacred Hymns 4 ATTB
Salve festa dies Sixt Dietrich 11 Sacred Motets 4 SATB
Summae trinitati simplici Deo Balthasar Resinarius 19 Sacred Motets 4 SATB
Te sanctum Dominum Balthasar Resinarius 32 Sacred Responsories 6 SAATBB
Veni creator Spiritus Thomas Crecquillon 17-18 Sacred Hymns 5 SATTB
Veni redemptor gentium Johann Stahel 3 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
Verbum caro factum est Balthasar Resinarius 5 Sacred Motets 4 SATB
Vita sanctorum/Christ ist erstanden Sixt Dietrich 12 Sacred Motets 4 SATB