Constantí Sotelo i Paradela

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Born: 23 February 1939


Biography: Constantí Sotelo was born in Ourense (Galicia). He has lived in Catalonia since he was 10 years old (Balaguer, Seu d’Urgell and Barcelona). He completed university studies of Philosophy and Theology. He took music studies at High Music Conservatory of Barcelona. He has a degree of Musical Pedagogy and he is professor on music theory, transposition and accompaniment. He studied with Pere Vallribera, Ricard Valls, Josep Crivillé, Josep M. Llorens, Pier Cao, Oriol Martorell, Manuel Cabero, Emilio Casares, Francesc Bonastre, and some more. He is also a Choir conductor. During his live he has founded and directed some of them, as: Orfeó Balaguerí, Coral Jove de la Seu d'Urgell, Coral Pau Vila de Sabadell, Coral Canticela. Nowadays he is the director of Coral Canticòrum, one of choirs that he founded with some other friends in 1979. Since 1992 he is the second director of the “Banda Simfònica de Roquetes – Nou Barris”, in Barcelona. Also in 1992 he edited a manual for secondary studies: “La Música a l’Abast” [1]. At this moment he is the Head of Music Department in a Secondary School (IES Sant Josep de Calassanç – Barcelona), where he teaches secondary music studies. He also is also the leader of the “Catalan Secondary Choir Meeting” (“Trobades de corals d’Ensenyament Secundari de Catalunya”), organized by the Educational Department. He is also a composer: he has adapted a lot of songs for choir and band (music themes, religious songs, popular songs, etc.).

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Sotelo i Paradela, Constantí, La Música a l'abast, [author], [Barcelona], [1992], ISBN 84-604-4424-4

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