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Links for "this Sunday" are based on the 3-year Revised Common Lectionary adopted in 1970 and shared by Catholic and liturgical protestant churches (2 notable differences are the Last Sunday before Lent, Transfiguration for protestants, and Lent II).

It is assumed here that users of the older Tridentine Mass are already familiar with the 1-year cycle, with a pre-Lenten season starting 3 weeks before Ash Wednesday, and with Sundays reckoned from Pentecost forward instead of from Advent backwards. 2 potentially confusing changes in ordering of the pericopes are Pentecost VIII-IX-X, respectively corresponding to Ordinary Time 14-16-15; and Easter 2-3-4, corresponding to post-Paschua I-III-II.

Translation of this page

  • Time in the template {{#time j F … }} will be translated, if the template ends with … |{{{99}}}}}) and CW:Seasonal music/lc (lc = language code) is in the form shown below.
  • Words and phrases needing translation are shown on the base page (CW:Seasonal music) in the form English text; on the subpages the symbols are translated in the form "Symbol = Translation". For example, "AllSaints = la Toussaint", which means the code All Saints will be rendered as "la Toussaint" on the /fr page.
  • Internal and external links do not need to be translated, but the text displayed on this page does. For example, Epiphanytide will be rendered l'Épiphanie on the /fr page.
  • Format of a language page, for example, ChoralWiki:Seasonal music/fr:
{{ChoralWiki:Seasonal music
|AdventText = l'Avent
|AllSaints = la Toussaint
|and = et
|AscText = l'Ascension
|AshText = le mercredi des Cendres
|99 = fr

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