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On the 14th of May, 2014, CPDL reached a new high of 18,000 score pages. As you read this, there are 40118 score pages. Of these, 26953 are classified as containing sacred works, and 13143 are classfied as containing secular works (there is some overlap).

Here is a breakdown of our current holdings by musical era:

  •   748 Medieval works
  • 16805 Renaissance works
  • 4954 Baroque works
  • 3722 Classical works
  • 5842 Romantic works
  •   1269 Early 20th century works
  • 6312 Modern works

It should be remarked that, within the past few months, the number of Modern era works has overtaken the number of Romantic era works.

Over the past year and a half or so, new score pages have been added at a rate of approximately 1,000 new score pages every 6 months. In the context of a goal of 2,000 new score pages per year and a projected 2,500 pages with new editions added in the current year, the bar charts below track the current year's progress against the fraction of the year elapsed.

3949 pages with new scores 2500 projected (157.96%)
3949 newly created score pages this year: 2300 goal (171.695%)
337 days elapsed out of 365 (92.328%)

CPDL is fortunate to have a devoted group of contributors of scores, as well as those who work behind the scenes editing pages, doing maintenance chores that help to keep the ChoralWiki site at such a high level of usefulness to the choral community. To everyone who has helped to make CPDL a much treasured success, thank you.

Charles H. Giffen
President, Choral Public Domain Library
Manager, ChoralWiki