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The new IT Operations group at CPDL plans to upgrade the MediaWiki software that runs the ChoralWiki here. The upgrade is planned for Saturday, 27 September, 0800-1200 GMT (12:00midnight-04:00am PDT, 3:00am-7:00am EDT, 09:00am - 01:00pm CEST).

The process involves (1) putting ChoralWiki in read-only mode, (2) making a full backup of the entire ChoralWiki and its database, (3) carrying out the upgrade (hopefully in read-only mode, although it may require taking ChoralWiki offline), (4) making a full backup after a successful upgrade, and (5) then removal of the read-only mode. If all goes as planned, even during the upgrade users should still be able to browse the ChoralWiki, download files, etc., but they will not be able to do any edits or uploads until the read-only mode is removed.

If extra downtime is required, it will be announced on the external phpBB3 Bulletin Board in the Information for users forum. After the upgrade is complete, there may be a period of a few days where some tweaking and adjustments will have to be made by the IT Operations group and the Maintenance and Improvement group at CPDL. A test upgrade of an August 24 clone of the ChoralWiki was recently made on a different site, and most of the kinks were easily worked out, so we are anticipating a fairly smooth upgrade and full restoration of the ChoralWiki with several enhancements for those involved with User Interaction as well as Maintenance and Improvement.

Chucktalk Giffen 06:38, 24 September 2008 (PDT), for the Transition committee