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There is a useful Template:InUse to assist users who are in the process of making a series of edits to a single page which will warn other users away from making edits that might interfere with the ongoing work before it is completed. If you are in the process of making such a series of edits on a page and do not wish others to make edits while you are working, simply put


at the top of the page. It will display the following message:

When you are finished with your series of edits, please remove the template to allow others, especially administrators, to do maintenance and other edits. If it is noticed that the InUse template has been left up for an extended period of time (more than a day), then you can expect it to be removed by an administrator who assumes you've forgotten to remove it.

In all cases, please be courteous and mindful that conflicts such as this may arise, often quite by accident (as when you make an edit and think you are done, but then you remember you need to do another edit and, upon working on your edit, you discover someone else has made an edit that preempts your effort.

Thank you, Chucktalk Giffen 19:15, 22 February 2019 (UTC)