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Name of Website: LilyPond

Date added: 2002-01-28

OS: GNU/Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, MacOS X

Cost/license: Free, GPL

Native format: LilyPond (.ly)

Formats program can read: only LilyPond native format

Formats program can export to: pdf, svg, ps, MIDI

Included conversion tools: usually bundled with LilyPond come the following:

  • abc2ly (from abc ASCII format)
  • etf2ly (from Finale format)
  • midi2ly (from MIDI format)
  • mup2ly (from Arkkra Enterprises Music Publisher format)
  • musicxml2ly (from MusicXML format)

Description: LilyPond is a music typesetting program available for Unix/Linux and MS Windows. It is free software, and is part of the GNU project.