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Users of the Multi-Category Search tool have requested more than once that an option to search by Composer name be added to it. But searching for a particular composer in a list with all composers available on CPDL would be cumbersome, as it would have thousands of names. The solution found by the IT Team was to add a new "Keyword" field that will narrow the results of your search to only those works that contain the keyword in their title or composer name.

As an example, if you search for Secular music for TTB, you will get 94 works fitting your criteria. Now suppose you only want those by Claudio Monteverdi: add Monteverdi to the Keyword field and voilà, you have now only 5 works listed.

You can now also search for a word in the title: for example, all Sacred music that contain Domini in their titles.

Feedbacks and suggestions are appreciated and can be left here.

The IT Team
28 November 2009