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This Bulletin board was set up as a replacement for the (external) CPDL bulletin board (a.k.a. "Forums" or "BB"), whose use was curtailed in March 2008 because of major posting problems. However, the external BB has now been upgraded (as of 4th September 2008) and may be used as normal. You may use either the external board or this wiki-based one.

This page serves as a front end to the wiki Bulletin board and provides links below to forum pages that comprise the Bulletin board. On these forum pages users may start new topics and post messages in existing topics. For topics or questions that don't seem to fit in anywhere in these, feel free to post messages or start a new topic on the Bulletin board talk page (which functions like a miscellaneous forum).

Documentation about how to start topics and post messages is provided on each forum page and also reproduced below.

Discussions specific to CPDL

Use this forum for HELP at Choral Public Domain Library as well as FEEDBACK
Use this forum for MUSIC REQUESTS and QUESTIONS about availability, including Copyright issues
This forum is for CPDL topics that don't fit in the other categories
This forum is for more techincal discussions of ChoralWiki implementation and operation at CPDL, primarily of interest to admins and others doing editing of pages at CPDL

General Discussions

This forum is for the discussion of musical questions relating to performance, interpretation, score preparation, musica ficta, etc.
This forum is for announcement and discussion of musical activities, including but not limited to: musical workshops, concerts/performances (including works available at CPDL), etc.


How to start topics and post messages

This page is part of the ChoralWiki:Bulletin board.

Starting a new topic: Click on the [edit] link at the right of the General topics (most recent first) section and type

== <title of new topic> ==

at the beginning of a new line, below the comment line that reads "Start NEW TOPICS immediately below this line, ABOVE (BEFORE) any other topics." Then post your initial message as described below. Thus, a new topic will appear before (above) any other topics, to make for easier browsing. For example, typing

== Looking for works in Quenya ==

will start a new topic, appearing as:

Looking for works in Quenya[edit]

Starting new topics in the Announcements and special topics section should follow the same protocol, but such topics should only be started by CPDL Admins/Sysops.

When adding a message to an existing topic, simply click on the [edit] link at the right of the topic title and post your message below any previously posted message(s) on the topic as follows:

Posting a message (note NEW syntax): Start a new line, and use the Template:ItemPost in the format:

|by=<your name & date>
|text=<your message>

The easiest way to sign and date your message is to type four tildes (~~~~) for <your name & date>. Thus, for example, typing

Here is a sample message
several lines.<br>

It even has more than one paragraph.

resulted in:


Here is a sample message spread over several lines.

It even has more than one paragraph.

N.B. The old syntax for Template:ItemPost still works but is now deprecated in favor of the new syntax.

You can track the activity in this forum by adding this page to your Watchlist - simply click on the watch tab at the top of this page.