Chiara Margarita Cozzolani

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Born: 27 November 1602

Died: ca. 1677 (between 4 May 1676 & 20 April 1678)


Born into a wealthy family in Milan, Italy, Margarita Cozzolani entered the convent of Santa Radegonda, Milan, and took her vows in 1620, at the age of 17. She added "Chiara" as her religious name, and spent her full adult life cloistered in the convent. She was a prolific composer, until she became abbess. While her publications are for SATB voices, the works may well have been sung by nuns only with the lower voices in octavo.

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List of choral works

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  • Primavera di fiori musicali, for 1–4 voices and continuo, op. 1 (Milan 1640) (lost since 1945)
  • Concerti sacri, for 2–4 voices and continuo, op. 2 (Venice 1642)
  • Scherzi di sacra melodia, Op.3 1648 (continuo lost)
  • Salmi a otto voci concertati, motetti et dialoghi …, Op.3 (1650 Venezia: Alessandro Vincenti)

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