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General information

Motet for the feast of St. Cecilia.

Note that the Magnificat antiphon Virgo gloriosa appears in early sources as Cecilia virgo gloriosa, as in the motets by Ferdinand di Lasso and Manchicourt.

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Cecilia virgo, tuas laudes universa concinit musicorum turba,
ut tuis meritis supplices a Deo exaudiri possint.
Iuncta voce et uno corde tuum nomen invocant,
ut luctum mundi in paradisi gloriam mutare digneris;
tuosque pupilos, tutelaris Virgo, aspicere velis,
piam Dominam, inclamantes, et semper dicentes:
Sancta Cecilia, ora pro nobis.

English.png English translation

Virgin Cecilia, all musicians celebrate thy praises,
and through thy merits, supplicants can be heard by God.
With one voice and with one heart, they call upon thy name,
that thou mayst deign to change the mourning of the world into the glory of Paradise;
and be willing, O protecting Virgin, to look upon thy wards,
calling upon the pious lady, and always saying:
Saint Cecilia, pray for us.

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