Cathedral Music (William Boyce)

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General information

Title: Cathedral Music

Full Title: Cathedral Music: being a collection in score of the Most Valuable and Useful Compositions For that Service, by the Several English Masters of the last Two Hundred Years. The Whole Selected and Carefully Revised By Dr. William Boyce, Organist and Composer to the Royal Chapels, and Master of his Majesty's Band of Musicians. London: Printed for the Editor

Editor: William Boyce

Description: Three volumes, written mostly from the library of Maurice Greene, given to Boyce by Greene. Boyce made extensive changes to the works he edited to adjust them to mid 18th Century taste. The volumes are 40 cm high × 30 cm wide.

No. Date Pages Content Comments
1 1760 301 66 works Biographies of composers: Thomas Tallis, Richard Farrant, Thomas Morley, Elway Bevin, Orlando Gibbons, William Child, Benjamin Rogers, John Blow, and Henry Aldrich
2 1768 306 51 works Biographies of composers: Christopher Tye, William Byrd, William Lawes, Adrian Batten, Matthew Locke, Pelham Humfrey, Michael Wise, Robert Creighton, Henry Purcell, John Goldwin, Jeremiah Clarke, William Croft, and John Weldon
3 1773 312 53 works Biographies of composers: John Bull, William Turner

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