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St. Joseph has two feasts in the Western calendar, being commemorated as Spouse of the BVM (March 19) and, since 1955, as Joseph the Worker (May 1).

Proper Spouse of the BVM (March 19)
Liber usualis & Gregorian Missal (1990)
the Worker (May 1)
Liber usualis
Introit: Justus ut palma
Sapientia reddit
Gradual: Domine praevenisti eum Beatus quicumque
Tract (in Lent) or

Alleluia verses (in Paschal Time):

Beatus vir or
Amavit eum and Justus germinabit
Beatus vir or
De quaecumque and Fac nos innocuam
Offertory: Veritas mea
Bonitas Domini
Communion: Joseph fili David
Unde huic