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This category lists subcategories of voicings for works (or movements of larger works) for one or more solo voices alone, without chorus. Subcategories for a single solo voice are listed first, followed by subategories for groups of two or more soloists (duets, trios, quartets, etc.), in order of increasing number of soloists, using the standard abbreviations:

  • Solo voice (works which exist in different transpositions)
    • Solo high (either soprano or tenor an octave lower…)
    • Solo medium
    • Solo low
  1. S (soprano)
  2. Mz (mezzo-soprano)
  3. A (alto/contralto)
  4. Ct (countertenor)
  5. T (tenor)
  6. Bar (baritone)
  7. B (bass)

See also Unison for works for multiple voices singing as one and Choral solo music for choral works which contain solo parts.