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Feria quinta in coena Domini (the 5th day of Holy Week counting from Sunday) is commonly known as Maundy Thursday after Jesus' mandate to wash each other's feet as a token of humble service (John 13), and has officially been called Holy Thursday since 1970. The Tenebrae or Matins belonging to this day are typically observed the preceding eve on Wednesday. The Mass concludes with the procession to the Altar of Repose, accompanied by the hymn Pange lingua.

Proper Liber usualis Graduale Romanum (1974) / Gregorian Missal (1990)
Introit: Nos autem gloriari
Gradual: Christus factus est Oculi omnium
Tract: (none, only one 'reading') Ab ortu solis
Offertory: Dextera Domini Ubi caritas
Communion: Dominus Jesus, postquam coenavit Hoc corpus

Antiphons at the washing of feet

Liber usualis 1974 Graduale
Mandatum novum (moved last)
Dominus Jesus (as at Comm.)
Domine, tu mihi
Si ego Dominus
In hoc cognoscent
Maneant in vobis
Benedicta sit Mandatum novum
Ubi caritas (moved to Offertory)

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