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Christ the King is a relatively recently-established feast, instituted in 1925 by Pope Pius XI in response to growing nationalism and secularism. In 1969 it was moved from the last Sunday before All Saints to last Sunday before Advent, crowning the church year as the last Sunday of Ordinary Time. The models for the neogregorian chants are described in Christus Vincit: Music for the Feast of 
Christ the King (Liturgical Arts Journal 26 Oct 2020)

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Proper Liber usualis Gregorian Missal (1990)
Introit: Dignus est Agnus
based on Dum sanctificatus (Wed. in Lent IV)
Gradual: Dominabitur after Omnes de Saba (Epiphany)
Alleluia verse: Potestas ejus after Christus resurgens (Easter 4)
Offertory: Postula a me from 2 Christmas chants: Tui sunt coeli & Laetentur
Communion: Sedebit Dominus Rex

A  : Amen dico vobis (quod uni)
B, C : Sedebit Dominus Rex

Sedebit after Ecce Dominus veniet (Ember Fri. in Advent)