Advent IV

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The Fourth Sunday of Advent, also known as Rorate, from the introit at mass (not to be confused with other "rorate"'s). The traditional Gospel from Luke 3:1-6 ("Prepare the way of the Lord") has been replaced in the three-year lectionary by Matt 1:18-24 (Joseph's dream, Year A), Luke 1:26-38 (the Annunciation, Year B), and Luke 1:39-45 (the Visitation, Year C).

Music proper to the fourth week in Advent

Mass propers Liber usualis Graduale Romanum (1974)
Introit: Rorate caeli
Gradual: Prope est Dominus
Alleluia verse: Veni Domine
Offertory: Ave Maria
Communion: Ecce virgo concipiet

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