Caspar Ulenberg

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Born: 24 December 1549

Died: 16 February 1617


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  • Die Psalmen Davids : in allerlei Teutsche gesangreimen bracht... Cöln: Calenius & Quent (1582)

His Psalmen Davids in allerlei Teutsche gesang-reimen (a collection of rhimed paraphrases of the psalms and biblical cantiques) became the most influential catholic collection of psalm songs. Reprinted and edited until 1835. In the preface, Ulenberg notices how effective and harmful the sacred songs of the Ketzern are (he mentions Calvin, Datheen and Luther). Therefore he presents a Catholic pendant for those song collections. The texts are rhimed paraphrases of the Psalmen (and some biblical cantiques), the tunes are modeled after the Geneven psalm tunes.

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Die Psalmen Davids in allerlei Teutsche gesang-reimen gebracht (the Psalms of David in German verse), Colone, 1582. Digitized edition (facsimile)