British Library Add MS 31390

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General information

Title: British Library Add MS 31390

Full title: A booke of In nomines et other solfainge songes of v : vi : vii : et viii pts. for voyces or Instrumentes (fol. 1r)

Publication date and place: 1578 at the British Library, Add MS 31390. – Manuscript

Description: A manuscript dating from the "late 16th century", circa 1578, in the British Library. Contains many In nomines.

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List of works

Sequential numbering uncertain – There may be fewer or more works than these
No. Fol. Title Composer Vo. Voices Comment
1 2v William Mundy
2 3v Philip van Wilder
3 4v William Mundy
4 5v Dum transisset John Sheppard 6 SATTBarB
5 6v Jerusalem John Sheppard
6 7v Spiritus Sanctus procedens John Sheppard 6 SATTBarB
7 8v In nomine Anonymous
8 9v In nomine Nicholas Strogers
9 10v Robert Parsons Song
10 11v Canon ad modum Anonymous
11 12v Philip van Wilder
12 13v Si grand e la pieta Anonymous
13 14v Vraie deu damour Anonymous
14 15v Alfonso Ferrabosco I
15 16v Malery
16 17v William Byrd
17 18v Nicolas Gombert
18 19v Credo quod Redemptor Edward Blancks
19 20v William Mundy
20 21v Yf man in care Malery
21 23v Robert Parsons
22 24v Robert Parsons
23 25v Knell Robert? Johnson
24 26v Free from all Christopher Tye
25 27v Trye Christopher Tye
26 28v-29r Frome Christopher Tye
27 29v Gerardus
28 30v Edward Blancks
29 31v Philip van Wilder
30 32v Dum transisset Christopher Tye
31 33v Philip van Wilder
32 34v Quale iniqua mia sorte Philip van Wilder
33 35v Amour … Philip van Wilder
34 36v Philip van Wilder
35 37v Philip van Wilder
36 38v Philip van Wilder
37 39v Philip van Wilder
38 40v Philip van Wilder
39 41v Philip van Wilder
40 42v Philip van Wilder
41 43v In nomine William Byrd
42 44v Robert? Johnson
43 45v In nomine Christopher Tye
44 46v In nomine Christopher Tye
45 47v In nomine Poynt Part 1
46 48v In nomine Poynt Part 2
47 49v Anonymous
48 50v Madonna … Anonymous
49 51v Christopher Tye
50 52v In nomine Robert? Johnson
51 53v Philip van Wilder
52 54v In nomine Nicholas Strogers
53 55v In nomine Nicholas Strogers
54 56v In nomine Stoninges
55 57v Miserere Stoninges
56 58v In nomine William Byrd
57 59v Robert Parsons Song
58 60r Browninge my dere Stoninges
59 60v In nomine Anonymous
60 61r Follow me Christopher Tye
61 61v Thomas Tallis
62 62r John Sheppard
63 62v In nomine Christopher Tye
64 63v In nomine Christopher Tye
65 64v Saye so Christopher Tye
66 65r Farewell my good … for ever Christopher Tye
67 65v Ut la re Christopher Tye
68 66v Rounde Christopher Tye
69 67v-68r Dum transisset Christopher Tye 5 SATBarB
70 68v-69r Dum transisset Christopher Tye
71 69v In nomine Christopher Tye
72 70v Dum transisset William Byrd
73 71v Seldom seene Christopher Tye
74 72v In nomine Christopher Tye
75 73v Christopher Tye
76 74v Christopher Tye
77 75v Christopher Tye
78 76v Christopher Tye
79 77v Rachell weepinge Christopher Tye
80 78v In nomine Picforth
81 79v Anonymous
82 80v Delacourt Robert Parsons Part 2
83 82v Delacourt Robert Parsons Part 1
84 83v-87r Thomas Tallis
85 87v Philip van Wilder
86 88v Douglas
87 89v Douglas
88 90v-93r Dum transisset Sebastian Holland
89 93v John Sheppard
90 94v-96r Malery
91 96v In nomine Robert Parsons
92 97v Hackney Clement Woodcock
93 98v Clement Woodcock
94 99v In nomine Domino Clement Woodcock
95 100v In nomine John Taverner
96 101v Browninge my dere Clement Woodcock
97 102v Le bergerose Anonymous
98 103v O admirabile William Mundy
99 104v-106r Thomas Tallis
100 106v John Taverner
101 107v Ascendo ad patrem meum Jean Maillard
102 108v In nomine mi parte Bronister?
103 109v Morning Malery
104 110v Anonymous
105 111v Amavit eum Dominus Christopher Tye
106 112v Philip van Wilder
107 113v Thomas Tallis
108 114v Anonymous
109 115v Frayse gallyard Anonymous
110 116v In nomine Thomas Mudd
111 117v Anonymous
112 118v Robert White
113 119v Osbert Parsley
114 120v In nomine mi parte William Byrd
115 122v William Byrd
116 124v The leaves be gone William Byrd
117 125v-126r Ad Dominum cum tribularer William Byrd Part 2, after 1578
118 126v-127r Ad Dominum cum tribularer William Byrd Part 1, after 1578

Works at CPDL

Title Composer No. Page Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
Ad Dominum cum tribularer William Byrd 117-118 125v-127 Sacred Motets 8 SSAATTBB
Amavit eum Dominus Christopher Tye 105 111v Sacred Responsories 5 SAATB
Ascendo ad patrem meum Jean Maillard 101 107v Sacred Motets 5 SATTB
Dum transisset (2nd setting) John Sheppard 4 5v Sacred Responsories 6 SATTBB
Dum transisset III Christopher Tye 69 67v Sacred Responsories 5 SATBB
Spiritus Sanctus procedens (2nd setting) John Sheppard 6 7v Sacred Responsories 6 SATTBB