Bernart de Ventadorn

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A 13c depiction (BnF ms. 12473 fol. 15v)

Aliases: Bernard Ventadorn; Bernat del Ventadorn; Bernautz; Bernart Ventadour


Born: 1130's?

Died: 1190's?

Biography Born to servants in the castle of Ventadorn (Limoges), Bernart later entered the service of Eleanor of Aquitaine. After she and Henry II moved to England Berhart served Raimon, count of Toulouse, and after the count's death in 1194 he retired to a monastery.

45 poems survive, 18 and a half with their melodies.

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List of vocal works


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  • Carl Appel: Bernart von Ventadorn seine Lieder mit Einleitung und Glossa, Halle 1915

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