Barthélémy Beaulaigue

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Alias: Barthélémy Beaulègue


Born: 1543 or 1544

Died: 1570?

Biography The Chansons nouvelles published in 1558 purport to be the work of a 15 year old choirboy at the Cathedral of Marseille, and in fact some dedications to Leon Strozzi (d. 1554) suggest Beaulaigue was already a prodigy at 12. His disappearance and the complete lack of corroborating documentation raises the possibility of a hoax on the part of the publishers.

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List of choral works

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  • Chansons nouvelles … à quatre parties (Lyons, 1558–9)
  • Mottetz nouvellement mis en musique (Lyons, 1559)

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