Ave praeclara

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Latin.png Latin text

1  Ave, præclara maris stella, in lucem gentium, Maria, divinitus orta.
2  Euge, Dei porta, quæ non aperta, veritatis lumen, ipsum Solem justitiæ, indutum carne, ducis in orbem.
3  Virgo decus mundi, Regina cœli, præelecta ut sol, pulchra lunaris ut fulgor, agnosce omnes te diligentes.
4  Te plenam fide, virgam almæ stirpis Jesse nascituram, priores desideraverant patres et prophetæ.
5  Te lignum vitæ, sancto rorante pneumate parituram divini floris amygdalum, signavit Gabriel.
6  Tu Agnum, regem terræ dominatorem, Moabtici de petra deserti ad montem filiæ Sion traduxisti.
7  Tuque furentem Leviathan, serpentem tortuosumque et vectem collidens, damnoso crimine mundum exemisti.
8  Hinc gentium nos reliquiæ, tuæ sub cultu memoriæ mirum in modum quem es enixa propitiationis Agnum, regnantem cœlo æternaliter, devocamus ad aram, mactandum mysterialiter.
9  Hinc manna verum Israëlitis veris, veri Abrahæ filiis admirantibus quondam Moysi quod typus figurabat: jam nunc abducto velo datur perspici. Ora, virgo, nos illo pane cœli dignos effici.
10  Fac fontem dulcem, quem in deserto petra præmonstravit, degustare cum sincera fide, renesque constringi lotos in mari, anguem æneum in cruce speculari.
11  Fac igni sancto Patrisque Verbo quod, rubus ut flammam, tu portasti, virgo mater, facta pecuali pelle discincto pede, mundis labiis cordeque propinquare.
12  Audi nos, nam te Filius nihil negans honorat.
13  Salva nos, Jesu, pro quibus Virgo Mater te orat.
14  Da fontem boni visere, da puræ mentis oculos in te defigere.
15  Quo hausto, sapientiæ saporem vitæ valeat mens intelligere,
16  Christianismi fidem operibus redimire, beatoque fine ex hujus incolatu, sæculi auctor, ad te transire.

English.png English translation

1  Hail, bright star of the sea, light of the Gentiles, Mary, divinely risen.
2  Hurrah, doorway of the Lord, which none can close, who guided into the world the light of truth—He Himself the Sun of justice clothed in flesh.
3  Virgin, jewel of the earth and queen of heaven, forechosen like the Sun, beautiful like the light of the moon, acknowledge all those who love you.
4  You, filled with faith, born a staff of Jesse’s lineage: patriarchs and prophets have longed for you.
5  You, tree of life, Gabriel sealed you to bear by dew-distilling spirit, the almond of divine flower.
6  You brought the Lamb, the reigning king of earth from the rocky desert of Moab to the mountain of the daughter of Sion.
7  And you, who crushed the raging Leviathan, the writhing striking serpent, freed the world from chastisement of guilt.
8  Thus we, the remnants of the nations, honour the memory of you who wondrously brought forth the atoning Lamb who reigns forever in heaven, and unto Him we call to come down to the altar, to be immolated in mystery.
9  Here is the true Manna of the true Israelite, now visible now the amazed sons of the true Abraham—Moses's manna was but a foreshadow: now is the veil withdrawn. Pray, Virgin, that we may be made worthy of that heavenly Bread.
10  Grant that we may drink, with sincere faith, of the sweet spring foreshadowed by the rock in the desert, and that we may, with girded loins, behold the brazen serpent on the cross—Lotus of the sea!
11  Virgin mother, grant us to approach the holy fire which you bore, Word of the Father red like flame, with sandals off our feet,
now pure in mouth, lips, and heart.
12  Hear us, because your Son honours you, denying you nothing you ask.
13  Jesus, save us, for whom your virgin mother prays,
14  grant that we may see the fountain of goodness; grant that the purified eyes of our mind may fix on you.
15  After this, may the mind understand the savour of wisdom and life,
16  and ransom the faith of Christianity through works and, at the blessed end of this journey, come to you, creator of the ages.

Translation by Campelli

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