Aurora lucis rutilat

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General information

Office hymn for Lauds of Eastertide. Urban VIII revised it to Aurora caelum purpurat (1632), Aurora lucis rutilat was restored in 1913.

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Texts and Translations

Latin.png Latin text

(Lasso and Solesmes 1934)
1  Aurora lucis rutilat,
Coelum laudibus intonat,
Mundus exsultans jubilat,
Gemens infernus ululat.

2  Cum Rex ille fortissimus,
Mortis confractis viribus
Pede conculcans tartara,
Solvit a poena miseros,

3  Ille qui clausus lapide
Custoditur sub milite,
Triumphans pompa nobili,
Victor fugit de funere.

4  Solutis iam gemitibus,
Et infernis doloribus
Quia surrexit Dominus,
Resplendens clamat Angelus,

5  Quae sumus Auctor omnium,
in hoc pascali gaudio,
Ab omni mortis impetu
Tuum defende populum.

6  Gloria tibi Domine,
Qui surrexisti a mortuis,
Cum Patre et Sancto Spiritu,
in sempiterna saecula,

Latin.png Latin text

1  Aurora lucis rutilat
cælum laudibus resultat
mundus exsultans iubilat,
gemens infernus ululat

2  Cum ille rex fortissimus
mortis confractis viribus
pede conculcans tartara
solvit catena miseros.

3  Ille, quem clausum lapide
miles custodit acriter
triumphans pompa nobili
victor surgit de funere.

4  Inferni iam gemitibus
solutis et doloribus,
quia surrexit Dominus
resplendens clamat angelus.

5  Esto perenne mentibus paschale
Iesu, gaudium
et nos renatos gratine
tuis triumphis aggrega.

6  Iesu, sit tibi gloria,
qui morte victa prænites,
cum Patre et almo Spiritu,
in sempiterna sæcula.

Latin.png Latin text

Ambrosian 11vv version
(as given at Preces latinae)
AURORA lucis rutilat,
caelum laudibus intonat,
mundus exultans iubilat,
gemens infernus ululat,

Cum rex ille fortissimus,
mortis confractis viribus,
pede conculcans tartara
solvit catena miseros !

Ille, qui clausus lapide
custoditur sub milite,
triumphans pompa nobile
victor surgit de funere.

Solutis iam gemitibus
et inferni doloribus,
<<Quia surrexit Dominus!>>
resplendens clamat angelus.

English paraphrases

English.png English translation

1  The day draws on with golden light,
glad songs go echoing through the height,
the broad earth lifts an answering cheer,
the deep makes moan with wailing fear.

2  For lo, he comes, the mighty King,
to take from death his power and sting,
to trample down his gloomy reign
and break the weary prisoner's chain.

3  Enclosed he lay in rocky cell,
with guard of armèd sentinel;
but thence returning, strong and free,
he comes with pomp of jubilee.

4  The sad apostles mourn him slain,
nor hope to see their Lord again;
their Lord, whom rebel thralls defy,
arraign, accuse and doom to die.

5  But now they put their grief away,
the pains of hell are loosed today;
for by the grave, with flashing eyes,
"Your Lord is risen," the Angel cries.

6  Maker of all, to thee we pray,
fulfil in us thy joy today;
when death assaults, grant, Lord, that we
may share thy paschal mystery.

7  To thee, who, dead, again dost live,
all glory, Lord, thy people give;
all glory, as is ever meet,
to Father and to Paraclete.
Translation by Thomas Alexander Lacey

English.png English translation

1  Light's glittering morn bedecks the sky,
heaven thunders forth its victor cry,
the glad earth shouts its triumph high,
and groaning hell makes wild reply:

2  While he, the King of glorious might,
treads down death's strength in death's despite,
and trampling hell by victor's right,
brings forth his sleeping Saints to light.

3  Fast barred beneath the stone of late
in watch and ward where soldiers wait,
now shining in triumphant state,
He rises Victor from death's gate.

4  Hell's pains are loosed, and tears are fled;
captivity is captive led;
the Angel, crowned with light, hath said,
'The Lord is risen from the dead.'

5  O Christ, the King who lovest to bless,
do thou our hearts and souls possess;
to thee our praise that we may pay,
to whom our laud is due for aye.]

Translation by John Mason Neale

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