Auprès de vous

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General information

Settings by composers

The melody also forms the basis of an anonymous fricassée.

Text and translations

French.png French text

Auprès de vous secrètement demeure
Mon pauvre coeur, sans que nul le conforte
Et si languit pour la douleur qu'il porte
Puisque voulez qu'en ce tourment il meure.

English.png English translation (literal)

Near you secretly dwells
my poor heart, with none to comfort it;
and so it languishes in the pain it bears,
since you wish that it should die in this torment.

English.png English translation (paraphrase)

My heart, all unsuspected, dwells with you:
No solace comes, although my love is true.
No matter how I languish, how I sigh,
You care not, though my heart in torment die.

Translation by Mick Swithinbank
Dutch.png Dutch translation

Dicht bij jou zijn, verzoekt het in ‘t geheim,
Doch vruchteloos, o mijn armzal'ge hart,
Hoe kwijnt het weg gebukt onder die smart,
Nu jij verkiest, dat 't sterft in helse pijn.

Translation by Jan Wyns

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