Attende Domine

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General information

Attende Domine is a Christian liturgical chant for the season of Lent, referred to in English as the Lent Prose. The themes of this hymn are the sinfulness of man and the mercy of God, a theological concept emphasised during Lent. The text is Mozarabic in origin and dates to the 10th century.

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

(Refrain) Atténde Dómine, et miserére,
quia peccávimus tíbi.

1. Ad te Réx súmme, ómnium Redémptor,
óculos nóstros sublevámus fléntes:
exáudi, Chríste, supplicántum préces.

2. Déxtera Pátris, lápis anguláris,
vía salútis, jánua cæléstis,
áblue nóstri máculas delícti:

3. Rogámus, Déus, túam majestátem:
áuribus sácris gémitus exáudi:
crímina nóstra plácidus indúlge.

4. Tíbi fatémur crímina admíssa:
contríto córde pándimus occúlta:
túa, Redémptor, píetas ignóscat.

5. Innocens cáptus, nec repúgnans dúctus;
téstibus fálsis pro ímpiis damnátus:
quos redemísti, tu consérva, Chríste.

English.png English translation

Hearken, O Lord, have mercy upon us;
For we have sinnèd against thee.

1. To thee, Redeemer, King of highest heaven,
Lift we our eyes in grief and deep abasement:
Listen, O Saviour, to our supplications.

2. Head of the Corner, right hand of the Father,
Way of salvation, gate of life eternal,
Wash thou away the stain of our offences.

3. Lord, we beseech thee, from thy throne of glory
Bow down thine ear to hear our cry of sorrow,
Look down in mercy on our sore transgressions.

4. All our misdoings now we lay before thee,
Unveil with contrite heart each guilty secret:
Saviour, in pity grant us thy forgiveness.

5. Guiltless, a captive taken unresisting,
By false accusers brought to condemnation,
Save, Lord, and help the souls thou hast redeemed.

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