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Born: 5 January 1667 (1666 by Venetian reckoning of the new year)

Died: 5 January 1740

Biography Lotti was long thought to have been born in Hanover where his father was employed, but is now known to have been baptized in Venice, where studied with Giovanni Legrenzi and spent most of his life. During 1717-1719 he taught Jan Dismas Zelenka in Dresden, where many of Lotti's mss. are still conserved. The oeuvre includes a score of operas, many more secular cantatas, oratorios of which 2 survive, at least 40 motets and "numerous" masses, along with instrumental works.

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List of choral works

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  • Duetti, terzetti e madrigali a piu voci (Venice, 1705)

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