Anna Maria Lenngren

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Born: 18 June 1754

Died: 8 March 1817


Anna Maria Lenngren (born Malmstedt) was a Swedish writer, poet, feminist and salonist.

The daughter of Magnus Brynolfsson Malmstedt, a professor of Latin at Uppsala University, she learnt Latin at a young age and was greatly encouraged by her father to write and explore literature. Her writings are generally in verse, sometimes very short, and often about everyday life. They frequently employ satire and irony and she is regarded as a realist. Speaking of her work, Fredrik Böök says that "There was every word needed and no more, almost no adjectives. she painted with only verbs and substantives", and Snolisky writes in his poem An evening at Mrs Lenngren's; "It's like a burdock, this witty meter".

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