Andries van Tonder

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Born: 24 February 1882

Died: 7 September 1955


Elder of the Judith Church, Andries van Tonder composed the song "Marching in the light of God" circa 1950 and it became popular immediately. It was first sung as "Ons marseer nou in die lig van God", the Afrikaans version, in the Judith Chapel and thereafter the Zulu version "Siyahamba ekukhanyeni kwenkhosi", translated by Thabo Mkize, spread like wildfire.

Today the English version, with many added verses, is known all over the world, and the song has been translated into Swahili, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Icelandic, and Arabic.

Present copyright rests with his great grandsons, Andrew & Zachariah O'Tonder.

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