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Born: 26 May 1982



Andrea Vezzoli discovered his interest in music at the age of 12, when he began studying piano with Mara Buzzoni. After studying for more than two years, he joined the band at Corte Franca (BS) studying clarinet. He is still the first clarinet under the direction of Hercules and Giampietro Lanfranchini Fanchini. He composed early works ranging from folk to jazz (inspired by the landscapes of Franciacorta), and elicited some interest by major composers. In 2005, the composer met pianist Andrea Rosa, with whom he began studying composition at the Academy of Pasini Corte Franca (BS).

It is during this period that he began to compose music, finding the interest of various chamber ensembles in Italy and abroad: in 2008 began a major collaboration with the Sicilian The Bass Quartet Wind Quartet, which commissioned the suite and Echoes colors of the forest and a version of Saltarello, originally written for piano for four hands, but which found form ultimately for string orchestra.

He also collaborates with other groups such as The Banquet, Alchemy, Euphoria and Dallas String Quartet, composing original songs in 'Coffee Concert' style, as well as that of tango and jazz. He is also working with the accordion and Michael Gennaro Ruffolo Mouse, with whom he collaborated and still collaborates to create CDs including "taxy DRIVER" Gennaro Ruffolo and "Joe de Vivre" by Michelangelo Topo.

In April 2009, the Florentine Chamber Orchestra conducted by Nino Lepore performed Saltarello for strings, which then received its West Coast premiere on September 19, 2009 by Olimpia CHAMBER ORCHESTRA in the U.S., to be followed later by a performance of piano duo by Allevi Guidi. In April 2010, accordionist Gennaro Ruffolo will perform the soundtrack to the festival "ACCORDION IN CRUISE," composed by Vezzoli and commissioned by Donato Di Tullio, artistic director of the festival. Vezzoli is also collaborating with prolific American multi-instrumentalist Len Andarson, who performed the songs on various instruments.

Vezzoli describes his style as versatile, reminiscent of early music by Stravinsky, with key features consisting of descriptive character.

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