Alcun non può saper

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General information

Lyricist: Ludovico Ariosto from Orlando furioso, canto XIX ottava 1

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Text and translations

Italian.png Italian text

Alcun non può saper da chi sia amato,
quando felice in su la ruota siede;
però c’ha i veri amici e i sent'a lato
che mostran tutti una medesma fede.
Se poi si cangia in tristo il lieto stato,
volta la turba adulatrice il piede;
e quel che di cor ama riman forte,
et ama il suo signor dopo la morte.

English.png English translation

By whom he is beloved can no one know,
Who on the top of Fortune's wheel is seated;
Since he, by true and faithless friends, with show
Of equal faith, in glad estate is greeted.
But, should felicity be changed to woe,
The flattering multitude is turned and fleeted!
While he who loves his master from his heart,
Even after death performs his faithful part.

Translation by William Stewart Rose

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