Ad te levavi animam meam

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General information

Offertory for Advent I and Pentecost X. Source of text is Psalm 24:1-2a. The rarely set Introit for Advent I adds the verse "Vias tuas…" (Ps. 24:3).

Settings by composers

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

24:1  Ad te [Domine] levavi animam meam, Deus meus, in te confido:
non erubescam neque irrideant me inimici mei.
24:2a  Etenim universi qui te expectant non confundentur.
24:3  Vias tuas, Domine, demonstra mihi: et semitas tuas edoce me.

Hungarian.png Hungarian translation

Tehozzád emelem föl lelkemet, én Istenem, tebenned bízom, meg ne pirúljak, és ne nevessenek ki engem az én ellenségeim;
mert mindazok, kik téged várnak, meg nem szégyenűlnek.

English.png English translation

25:1  Unto thee, O Lord, will I lift up my soul; my God, I have put my trust in thee:
O let me not be confounded, neither let mine enemies triumph over me.
25:2a  For all they that hope in thee shall not be ashamed.
Introit verse:
25:3  Shew me thy ways, O Lord : and teach me thy paths.

Book of Common Prayer

French.png French translation

Vers toi j'élève mon âme,mon Dieu, en toi je mets ma confiance;
je n'aurai pas à en rougir. Que mes ennemis ne se moquent pas de moi,
car tous ceux qui t'attendent ne seront pas confondus.

Seigneur, fais-moi connaître tes voies, enseigne-moi tes sentiers.

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