A brief discourse (Thomas Ravenscroft)

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General Information

Title: A briefe discourse Of the true (but neglected) use of Charact'ring the Degrees by their Perfection […] (1614)
Editor: Thomas Ravenscroft

Publication date and place: 1614 .

Misc: Works 1-2 labeled "Hunting"; 3-5 "Hawking"; 6-9 "Dauncing"; 10-12 "Drinking"; and 13-20 "Enamoring." Pieces 17-20 appear to be in some kind of dialect.


List of music

# Title in index Incipit (in modern english) Composer
1 A Hunts up The hunt is up, sing merrily we Bennet, JohnJohn Bennet
2 For Hunting Hey trola, trola, there, boys Pearce, EdwardEdward Pearce
3 A Hawks up, for a Hunts up Awake, awake, the day doth break Ravenscroft, ThomasThomas Ravenscroft
4 Hawking for the Partridge Sith Sickles and the sheering Sythe Ravenscroft, ThomasThomas Ravenscroft
5 For the hearne and ducke Lure, Falkners, give warning to the field Bennet, JohnJohn Bennet
6 The Fayries Daunce Dare you haunt our hallowed greene Ravenscroft, ThomasThomas Ravenscroft
7 The Satyres Daunce Round a round a round, keep your ring to the glorious Sun Ravenscroft, ThomasThomas Ravenscroft
8 The Urchins Daunce By the moon we sport and play Anonymous, Anonymous
9 The Elves Dance Round about in a fairy ring Bennet, JohnJohn Bennet
10 Of Beare Trudge away quickly and fill the black Bowl Ravenscroft, ThomasThomas Ravenscroft
11 Of Ale Toss the pot, let us be merry Ravenscroft, ThomasThomas Ravenscroft
12 Of Ale and Tobacco Tobacco fumes away all nasty rheumes Ravenscroft, ThomasThomas Ravenscroft
13 Three Fooles What seeks thou fool in this place? Bennet, JohnJohn Bennet
14 The Servant of His Mistris My mistress is as fair as fine, milk-white fingers Bennet, JohnJohn Bennet
15 The mistris of her servant Love for such a cherry lip would be glad to pawn his arrows Pearce, EdwardEdward Pearce
16 Their Mariage Zolemized Leave off Hymen and let us borrow, to bid the Sun good morrow Ravenscroft, ThomasThomas Ravenscroft
17 Hodge Trillindle to his Zweet hart Malkyn "Vurst bart" Coame Malkyn, hurle thine oyz at Hodge Trillindle Ravenscroft, ThomasThomas Ravenscroft
18 Malkinz anzwer to Hodge Trillindle "Zecund bart" Yo tell ma zo: but Roger Ich a vound your words but wynde Ravenscroft, ThomasThomas Ravenscroft
19 Their Goncluzion "Dhurd bart" Ich con but zweare, thon Roger zwear yo wooll be virmer thon yo weare Ravenscroft, ThomasThomas Ravenscroft
20 Their Wedlocke A Borgens, cha hard long a goe Bennet, JohnJohn Bennet

Works at CPDL

Title Year Composer No. Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
A Hawkes up, for a Hunts up 1614 Thomas Ravenscroft 3 Secular Madrigals 4 SSAT
A Hunting Song 1614 Edward Pearce 2 Secular Partsongs 4 SSAT
A Hunts up 1614 John Bennet 1 Secular Partsongs 4 SSAT
Ale and tobacco 1614 Thomas Ravenscroft 12 Secular Madrigals 4 SATB
For the hearne and ducke 1614 John Bennet 5 Secular Partsongs 4 SSAT
Hawking for the Partridge 1614 Thomas Ravenscroft 4 Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
Hodge Trillindle to his Zweet hart 1614 Thomas Ravenscroft 17 Secular Madrigals 4 SATB
Leave of Hymen 1614 Thomas Ravenscroft 16 Secular Madrigals 4 SATB
Malkinz anzwer to Hodge Trillindle 1614 Thomas Ravenscroft 18 Secular Madrigals 4 SATB
Of Ale 1614 Thomas Ravenscroft 11 Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
Of Beare 1614 Thomas Ravenscroft 10 Secular Madrigals 4 SATB
The Elves Dance 1614 John Bennet 9 Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
The Fayries Daunce 1614 Thomas Ravenscroft 6 Secular Madrigals 4 SATB
The Satyres Daunce 1614 Thomas Ravenscroft 7 Secular Madrigals 4 SATB
The Servant of His Mistris 1614 John Bennet 14 Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
The Urchins Daunce 1614 Thomas Ravenscroft 8 Secular Madrigals 4 SSAT
The mistris of her servant 1614 Edward Pearce 15 Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
Their Goncluzion 1614 Thomas Ravenscroft 19 Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
Their Wedlocke 1614 John Bennet 20 Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
Three Fooles 1614 John Bennet 13 Secular Partsongs 4 SATB