A Fourth Set of Psalm and Hymn Tunes (Thomas Clark)

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General information


Thomas Clark's A Fourth Set of Psalm & Hymn Tunes is not dated, but was published c1808. The imprint of the first edition of the book reads 'LONDON Printed for the Author, and sold by JAMES PECK, No 47 Lombard Street. Messrs WILLIAMS & SMITH Stationers Court. and Messrs BUTTON & WHITAKER, St Pauls Chh Yard'. The book was reissued c1815 by Button, Whitaker & Beadnell.

The work was advertised as a potential forthcoming publication in Clark's A Third Set of Psalm and Hymn Tunes (entered at Stationers' Hall on 23 December 1807): the index of tunes in that book is followed by the comment 'The very favourable reception which the Composers preceding works have experienced induce him to intimate his intention to publish A FOURTH Set of PSALM & HYMN TUNES &c'.

In turn, A Fourth Set of Psalm & Hymn Tunes has an indication of the forthcoming publication of A Fifth Set of Psalm and Hymn Tunes:

'The Author respectfully begs permission to return sincere thanks for the very favourable manner in which his compositions have been received; from the unexpected success of which, he is induced to announce his intention to commence very shortly, A new set of TUNES & PIECES to be published in twelve monthly numbers.'

The Hymn Tune Index notes that the copy of A Fifth Set of Psalm and Hymn Tunes at British Library shelfmark B.1170.a. has a watermark date of 1809.

Publication date and place: 1808 by James Peck in London.

Description of contents

The collection consists of 29 metrical psalm or hymn tunes followed by five set-pieces (through-composed settings of metrical texts).

The music is laid out in full score with the soprano air next to the bass. The treble clef is used for soprano, alto, and tenor parts, with both the alto and tenor parts being notated an octave above sounding pitch. The vocal bass part is figured.

List of works

Pages Description Text
011 RAINHAM. C.M. Psalm 122. Dr Watts. How did my heart rejoice to hear
022 RESIGNATION. C.M. Hy: 276. Dr Rippons selectn My times of sorrow and of joy
033 SUPPLICATION. C.M. Ps: 5. Dr Watts. Lord, in the morning thou shalt hear
044 WALMER. C.M. Hy: 232. Dr Doddridge. In one harmonious cheerful song
055 CORUNNA. C.M. Hy: 201. Dr Doddridge. High let us swell our tuneful notes
066 GREEN STREET. C.M. Hy: 90. B: 2. Dr Watts. How sad our state by nature is
077 HARBOROUGH. C.M. Hy: 99. Dr Rippon. O that I knew the secret place
088-9 TRUMPET. C.M. Hy: 7. B: 1. Dr Watts. Let every mortal ear attend
0910 ROCKINGHAM. L. M. Hy: 122. B: 2. Dr Watts. My God, permit me not to be
1011 KINGSGATE. L.M. Hy: 285. Dr Doddridge. Come, thou celestial Spirit, come
1112 MONTSERRAT. L.M. Hy: 87. B: 1. Dr Watts. Thus saith the high and lofty one
1213 WESTBERE. L.M. Hy: 50. Dr Doddridge. Loud let the tuneful trumpet sound
1314 CHINA. L.M. Against the God who rules the sky
1415 EVINGTON. L.M. Ps: 84. Dr Watts. How pleasant, how divinely fair
1516 NORTHFLEET. L.M. Hy: 120. Dr Doddridge. Indulgent sovereign of the skies
1617-19 EXALTATION. L.M. Hy: 26. Dr Rippon's selectn Eternal power, whose high abode
1720 LEINSTER. S.M. Hy. 72. Dr Doddridge. Ye humble souls, rejoice
1821 DURSLEY. S.M. Psalm 63 Dr Watts. My God, permit my tongue
1922 AYLESFORD. S.M. Psalm 61. Dr Watts. When, overwhelmed with grief
2022-23 IRVINE. S.M.D. Hy: 238. Wesleys colln Father, in whom we live
2124 SEATON. P.M. Hy: 347. Dr Rippons colln Holy wonder, heavenly grace
2225 ALDHAM. P.M. Ps: 122. Mr Merrick. The festal morn, my God, is come
2326 KESWICK. P.M. Hy: 98. Mr Wesleys colln Saviour, prince of Israel's race
2427 BARKING. P.M. Ps: 146. Dr Watts. I'll praise my maker while I've breath
2528 GOODNESTONE. P.M. Hy: 118. Dr Doddridge. O Zion, tune thy voice
2629 TEMPLE. P.M. Ps: 84. Dr Watts. Lord of the worlds above
2730-31 MERTON. P.M. Hy: 486. Mr Wesleys colln Come, let us ascend, my companion and friend 
2832-33 FUNERAL. P.M. Hy: 48. Mr Wesley's colln Rejoice for a brother deceased
2934-35 MOUNT VESUVIUS. P.M. Great God, thy dread decrees
3036-39 HOPE. Ps: 16. Dr Watts. When God is nigh, my faith is strong
3140-44 RESTORATION. Hy: 96. B: 2. Dr Watts. Down headlong from their native skies
3245-48 TRIUMPH. Hy: 33. Dr Doddridge. My soul, triumphant in the Lord
3349-53 The HAPPY MAN. Written by Mr Wm Kingsford. Happy the man prepared to reign
3454-59 SALVATION. Hy 88 B 2 Dr Watts Salvation, O the joyful sound

Works at CPDL

Title Year Composer Page Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
Come, thou celestial Spirit, come 1808 Thomas Clark 11 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
How did my heart rejoice to hear 1808 Thomas Clark 1 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
In one harmonious cheerful song 1808 Thomas Clark 4 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
Lord, in the morning thou shalt hear 1808 Thomas Clark 3 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
O that I knew the secret place (Harborough) 1808 Thomas Clark 7 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
The festal morn, my God, is come (Aldham) 1808 Thomas Clark 25 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
Thus saith the high and lofty one 1808 Thomas Clark 12 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
When, overwhelmed with grief (Aylesford) 1808 Thomas Clark 22 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB

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