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24627Edmund Gooch2011-09-292011-09-29The original order of staves (shown in the first piece in the book) is Tenor - Alto - Air - Bass: the alto part in the source is notated in the treble clef an octave higher than sounding pitch. The first verse only of the text is given in the source. Subsequent verses have been editorially added: it is suggested by the editor that if verses 2 and 3 are sung, the note sung on the second beat of bar 13 should be sustained into the third beat, to avoid the crotchet rest which would otherwise fall between the syllables of a single word.69933I'll praise my maker while I've breath (Almond Woolf)I'll praise my maker while I've breathAlmond Woolf2021-05-22 15:01:37

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24627.3WoolA-IllPraiseMyMaker.mxl24627internalsourcesourceMusic XML{{XML}} 2021-05-22 15:01:37
24627.4WoolA-IllPraiseMyMaker.sib24627internalsourcesource2Sibelius{{Sib}}(Sibelius 6)2021-05-22 15:01:37
24627.1WoolA-IllPraiseMyMaker.pdf24627internalscorescorepdf{{Pdf}} 32Public DomainA422021-05-22 15:01:37
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