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22130Byrt Janssen2010-08-182010-08-18There are various versions of Dufay's "Ave Maris Stella", two of which are quite similar. Both versions have plain chant in the odd verses and three voices in the even verses, with identical cantus and bass melodies. The difference between the two versions is the third voice, which in one case is the altus performing a fauxbourdon on the cantus, while in the other version the tenor is singing an independent melody. Here both versions are presented in the same edition, with SAB in verses 2 and 6 and STB in verses 4 and 7. In this way the piece can be sung by a vocal quartet, even though there are never more than three persons singing at the same time.59238Ave maris stella (Guillaume Dufay)Ave maris stellaGuillaume Dufay2021-05-22 11:51:36

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