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This text is from the Orthodox Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom. It is a hymn concluding the consecration, the part of the Divine Liturgy during which the bread and wine on the altar are believed to be transformed into the blood and body of Christ. The hymn is introduced by the priest, who exclaims:

Твоя от Твоих, Тебе приносяще о всех и за вся
(Translit: Tvoya ot Tvoikh, Tyebye prinosyashche o vsyekh i za vsya)
(Trad: Offering you these gifts from your own gifts in all and for all)

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Text and translations

Church_Slavonic.png Church Slavonic text

Тебе поем,
Тебе благословим,
Тебе благодарим, Господи,
и молим Ти ся, Боже наш.

Roman transliteration
Tebe poem
Tebe blagoslovim
Tebe blagodarim, Gospodi
I molim Ti sia, Bozhe nash.

Pronunciation guide
Tyebye1 poyem,
Tyebye blagoslovim,
Tyebye blagodarim, Gospodi
i molimtisya, Bozhe nash


  • 1 ye pronounced as in English "yes"
  • stressed syllables in bold
English.png English translation

We sing to you,
we praise you,
we thank you, O Lord,
and we pray to you, our God.

Latin.png Latin translation

Te laudamus,
te benedicimus,
tibi gratias agamus, Domine,
et obsecramus te, Deus noster.

German.png German translation

Wir singen Dir,
wir preisen Dich,
wir danken Dir, Herr
und wir beten zu Dir, unser Gott.

Dutch.png Dutch translation

Wij bezingen U,
Wij loven U,
Wij danken U, Heer
en aanbidden U, onze God.

Spanish.png Spanish translation

Te glorificamos,
te bendicimos,
te damos gracias, Señor,
y te suplicamos, oh nuestro Diós!

Portuguese.png Portuguese translation

damos-Te graças, Senhor,
e a Ti oramos, ó Deus nosso!

French.png French translation

Nous te chantons,
nous te bénissons,
nous te remercions.
Prions notre Dieu.

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