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Alias: Perotinus Magnus




Biography Magister Perotinus flourished around the end of the 12th century in Paris, and 7 works were attributed to him c. 1270 by the English scribe known as Anonymous IV: "This Magister Perotinus made the best quadrupla, such as Viderunt and Sederunt, with an abundance of striking musical embellishments [colores armonicae artis]; likewise, the noblest tripla, such as Alleluia, Posui adiutorium and [Alleluia], Nativitas etc. He also made three-voice conductus, such as Salvatoris hodie, and two-voice conductus, such as Dum sigillum summi Patris, and also, among many others, monophonic conductus, such as Beata viscera etc."

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