Jean Cauléry

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Alias: Jean Caulery


Born: ca 1510

Died: after 1561

Biography: The only thing known is that he lived and worked in the middle of the 16th century.
Between 1552 and 1556 he published secular and sacred chansons on texts by Clément Marot and Eustorg de Beaulieu. In one of these publications (Jardin Musical - Musical Garden, published by Hubert Waelrant and Jean de Laet in Antwerp in 1556), he is introduced as Maistre de la Chapelle de la Reyne de France - Chapel master of the queen of France, probably not Cathérine de Médici, but the widow of King Francis I, Eleanora, sister of Charles V. She moved to Brussels to live with her sister after her husband's death. Being a Catholic composer Cauléry never used the traditional Genevan melodies when composing on protestant texts.

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