Gustav Luders

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Born: 1865

Died: 1913


Gustav Luders was a German composer. A thoroughly trained musician, he immigrated from his native Bremen in 1888, settling first in Milwaukee and then in Chicago. Luders was a theatre conductor there when he wrote his first score for Little Robinson Crusoe (1899). Thereafter he wrote most of his shows with either Frank Pixley or George Ade. His most notable musicals were The Burgomaster (1900), King Dodo (1902), The Sho‐Gun (1904), Woodland (1904), The Grand Mogul (1907), The Fair Co‐ed (1909), and The Old Town (1910), but his finest score was for The Prince of Pilsen (1903). Although popular in their era, none of his songs is remembered today. Luders's range as a melodist was restricted, and he appeared not to grow artistically.

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