Giorgio Pacchioni

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Born: 16 July 1947, Soliera (Modena)


After the normal course of studies at the Conservatory, he has a brief but significant activity as clarinetist.

During those years he collaborates with and conducts some vocal groups such as the Chorale "O.Vecchi" of Mirandola, Modena and the Chorale "G.Rossini" of Modena, with whom he produces several concerts.

He played in duets with several musicians and chamber music groups, performing with a wide number of Renaissance and Baroque instruments (Fipple and Transverse Flutes, Bombardons, Cromornes, Cornet, Bass Trombone, Viola da Gamba, Lira da Gamba, and several percussion instruments).

Holding the chair of Recorder at the Conservatory "G.B. Martini" of Bologna, Italy, polyhedrical concert performer, he has actually performed in the most important Italian Theatres. He went on tour to many European Countries, where he also carried out some recordings for TV and radio broadcasting stations.

His documented activities refer to six separate branches:

  • Clarinetist
  • Performer and Conductor of Ancient Music with some journalistic reviews
  • Composer
  • Teacher of Recorder, Figured Melody and Historical Counterpoint

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