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Important Note: Please see information about how best to contact CPDL here. CPDL Administrators are volunteers. If you pick an individual administrator to contact, he or she may not be able to respond quickly. Therefore, please use the group contact mechanisms listed at the link for any matters that are time-sensitive or require an official response on behalf of CPDL.

Administrators (also called sysops) are trusted users who have special powers used for maintaining this wiki. Administrators can delete and restore pages and files, protect and unprotect pages, edit protected pages, and block users from editing. Current administrators are listed in the table below (alphabetical by Login ID). Inactive sysops are also listed, sorted by last active date:

Administrator name Login ID (talk page) Contrib list Languages spoken Last active (as of 9 February 2014)
Robert Nottingham Bobnotts »●« English 6 January 2014
Carlos Augusto Mourão Carlos »●« Portuguese, English, Spanish 27 December 2013
Charles H. Giffen CHGiffen »●« English 9 February 2014
Massimo Capozza Choralia »●« Italian, English 9 February 2014
Claude Tallet Claude T »●« French, English 9 February 2014
David Fraser DaveF »●« English 6 January 2014
Edmund Gooch EJG »●« English 8 February 2014
James Gibb Jamesgibb »●« English 8 February 2014
Joachim Kelecom Jkelecom »●« Dutch, English 2 January 2014
Richard Mix Richard Mix »●« English 8 February 2014
Vaarky Vaarky »●« English 6 February 2014
    Inactive sysops
Rafael Ornes Admin »●« English 9 October 2011
Philip Legge Pml »●« English 8 January 2011
John Henry Fowler Johnhenryfowler »●« English 7 September 2009
Giulia Tonelli Giulia tonelli »●« Italian, English 20 April 2009
Toby Wardman Randywombat »●« English 17 December 2007
Cátia Mendes Catia mendes »●« Portuguese, English 19 May 2006

An automatically updated list is available here.

If you have questions for an administrator, please post in the forums. You can also contact an administrator directly by clicking on the link above for their respective Talk page and post a message there for them specifically. If doing this, please note the Last Active date: red indicates that the administrator has generally not been logging in frequently or has been inactive for some time.