Capel Bond

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Born: 1730

Died: 1790


Capel Bond was born in Gloucester, the son of William Bond and Mary. He received his education at the Crypt school with his uncle, Rev. Daniel Bond, and at the age of twelve became apprentice to the organist of Gloucester Cathedral, Martin Smith. In 1749 he became organist of St Michael and All Angels, Coventry (which became Coventry Cathedral in 1918), and in 1752 he was appointed organist of Holy Trinity, Coventry.

His only known works are Six Concertos in Seven Parts (London, 1766) and Six Anthems in Score (London, 1769).

He died in 1790 and is buried at St. Bartholomew's Church in Binley, to the east of Coventry.

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List of choral works

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  • Six Concertos in Seven Parts (London, 1766)
  • Six Anthems in Score (London, 1769)

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Recording of Six Concertos in Seven Parts by the Parley of Instruments, released by Hyperion Records.